55 Year Class Reunion


ANNOUNCEMENT! - 55 Year Class Reunion

Sept 9-11, 2021

Bountiful, UT

Aging Braves:

It is important at age 73 to hurry up and have as much fun as fast as we can. It is for that reason we have planned four events doing what old folks enjoy most…

The purpose of the four planned ala carte gatherings is to give old friends plenty of time to visit, catch up, gab, chat, share stories and laugh. There will be no speeches or programs. The events have been purposely spaced over three days to allow time for other activities, family and friends. One of those activities could be taking a nap or enjoying a meal with an old friend.

Thursday, September 9, 2021 

GOLF & ISLANDER’S LUAU - Golf for golfers and a LUAU for everyone!

9:00 am: T-Times start at Bountiful Ridge Golf Course (2430 S Bountiful Blvd). Nine holes with a modified scramble format called “The Lone Brave.” The golf cost is $30.00 which includes your cart and prize money.

Luncheon at the pavilion west of the Bountiful Ridge Golf Course parking lot is open to everyone. We estimate a starting time of 12:30 pm. Islander’s Luau cost is $16.00 per person which includes a tip for the caterer (use the golf course parking lot to enter the pavilion).

Registration deadline is August 25. Send check to our event chairperson: Paulette (Class) Birdsall, 2893 S 400 East, Bountiful, UT  84010 or Venmo at 801-712-4807. Indicate “just golf” at $30.00, “golf + lunch” at $46.00, or “just luncheon” at $16.00 and full names of participants.

Friday, September 10 

PACE’S DAIRY ANN - Bring Your Lawn Chair!  

6:00 - 9:00 pm: You can enjoy a country burger with onion rings and fry sauce along with a lime slush or a chocolate shake while you visit with old friends. Our friends at Pace’s (1180 S. 500 West, Wood Cross) are kindly allowing us to use their facilities. Our use fee will be purchasing food, drinks and desserts. Gift certificates are available for those with dietary restrictions. Please also bring extra cash so that the workers will enjoy a big tip night: Paces Dairy Ann Menu

BTW: Paces may need to close their business after 60 years because it is so difficult to find people willing to work. Owner Todd Pace said that we can use Paces for our event even if they are out of business then. Ya gotta love these people. Make it a point to get down there right away to buy food or treats and bring a friend.

Contact Kenny Rasmussen for event details 951-237-6774; rasmussen.kenn@gmail.com

Saturday, September 11


9:00 am: Honor our lost classmates and teachers.  Meet at northeast corner of the Bountiful City Cemetery (2224 S 200 West).  

Contact Chad Smith for event details 801-726-6499 chadsmith56@gmail.com

GATHER & CHILL - North Canyon Park

6:00 - 9:00 pm: We cap off our 55-year reunion with a visiting binge at North Canyon Park (3900 S. Bountiful Blvd, North Salt Lake - our usual spot). There we will share stories, pausing only to take photos in front of a Class of ‘66 back drop or to enjoy retro refreshments like a Cherry Coke from STONIES BURGER DEN or retro candies from the Snack Bar at the QUEEN THEATRE like Lemonheads, popcorn, wax bottle candy drinks, Sweet-tarts, cinnamon toothpicks, Fruit Striped Gum, Rocky Road or Big Hunk candy bars.

Whether you eat prior to your arrival or bring a picnic basket, TREATS await you! 

PLANNING TO MAKE OUT? We’ll have Wintergreen Life Savers (that spark in the dark) and Wrigley Spearmint Gum at the Make-Out Essential’s Booth - be sure to drop by the COLE ESQUIRE Fragrance Booth for a splash of ELSHA Cologne. 

With COVID remaining a concern we are passing on a group meal option. To secure the facility we agreed to rigid Covid protocol. We will be spreading out and following the guidelines required for that time. Gordon endured a rigorous city application process on our behalf. 

COVID HEADS UP: Energetic duck farmer DIRK WINEGAR has identified, through the science of avian genetics, a highly effective Covid vaccine. At last contact he is working feverishly to have it ready, in suppository form, for all classmates attending the reunion. 

Contact Kenny Rasmussen for event details 951-237-6774; rasmussen.kenn@gmail.com

Join us for another smashing reunion and and blast into the past. Pass the word to your pals - its going to be a BLAST!

See you soon,

Marcy, Dirk, Paulette, Carla, Mike, LaVona, Joy, Gordon, Marsha, Kenny, Greg, Clark, Tom, Don, Chad, Penny, Johnny, Becci, John, Judy, Shand, Doug.

Class Website. Our website will be updated and supercharged. We need your help. You collectively have dozens of photos from grades 1-12 we would all like to see. Our goal is to collect fun photos like prom night, girls camp, little league pictures and every elementary school class photo from Bolton, Adelaide, Bountiful and Tolman Elementary school. 

Send us you best class photos:  rasmussen.kenn@gmail.com   or  clarkrlayton@gmail.com