The Main Event

Saturday (August 13), 5:00 pm
The halls of BHS await your return - although you won't recognize them! Our 50-year Reunion Committee has a special evening planned with socializing, dinner, entertainment, and even the "Really Final Exam," with the result going on your permanent record. Say your "hellos and goodbyes" to classmates as we wrap up reunion festivities. Casual attire. Registration deadline is August 8. Bountiful High School, 695 S Orchard Dr. (main entrance area). (Event chair:  Marcy Bradshaw, )

Paul Rolly, Salt Lake Tribune, had this to say about his 50-year Reunion

Recently-retired classmate Gordon Irving shares his thoughts on gathering for a 50-year Class Reunion:

"Wonder why people attend 50-year high school reunions?  There clearly are members of the BHS Class of '66 who only tolerated high school, not feeling involved or not feeling well accepted; such folks may think class reunions are okay for the "popular" kids who were highly involved in the high school social scene, but for others it was so long ago and they're proud to say they're "not living in the past."
However, 50 years is a big deal and it may be worth taking this year's reunion a bit more seriously.  After all, at age 18, none of us gave a moment's thought to still being around at age 68, and who knows how many more five- or ten-year periods of life we've got left to us.  Because 50 years have passed, teenage attitudes have faded ("we were such jerks," or at least some of us were), and many members of the Class of '66 have mellowed, so that today there are more similarities between class members than differences (or at least more similarities than we realized back in the day).  It's a nice thing to renew associations (or to establish new associations than didn't exist back in high school.)  Maybe attending a reunion is a way of making peace with the world or at least peace with ourselves.
Some Class of '66 members (including a few who didn't actually graduate in the spring of 1966), only attended BHS for senior year, or just lived in Bountiful for high school, but many of us grew up in Bountiful and attended elementary and junior high school together before coming to BHS, so we spent all or a major part of our youth and teen years together.  Whether that happened or not, us classmates have a common 'pop culture' background, including such things as remembering what we were doing that morning in November 1963 when it was announced over the BHS PA system that President Kennedy had just been shot, the early popularity of rock and roll music, the first U.S. TV appearance of the Beatles early in 1964, etc.
Given all of that, the reunion events in August 2016 offer a chance to catch up with old acquaintances and old memories in a pretty non-threatening way.
But if you can't come to the reunion, for whatever good reason, or if you don't want to come, for whatever good reason, don't miss the chance to check the BHS Class of '66 website ( for what class members have posted about themselves, what they've remembered about others in the class, and for tons of old pictures, plus other features such as an honor roll of those class members who served in the military, etc.  And take the time to add your own information to the website.  Whether you come to the August 2016 reunion or not, you are a valued part of the BHS Class of '66 and others truly do want to know about you."

[Thanks Gordon for your insights, you have always been a class act and a loyal classmate to all.]

Registered Attendees as of August 10

Kelly Brown (4)
Ginny Beck Russell (2)
Paulette Class Birdsall (2)
Jennifer Cowan Ingles
Noma Donaldson Bishop
Monte Handy (2)
Bradd Hayes (Class of '67) (2)
Gordon Irving
Don Jex (2)
Harold Johnson
Barbara Kirkham Colton (2)
Clark Layton (2)
Monty Little (2)
BK Lowe Dickerhoof
Thomas Mabey (2)
Brent Mann (2)
Robert Mechling (2)
Richard Metcalf
Judy Morley Judd (2)
Janet Murri McArthur
Allen Orser (2)
Jim Petrie
Kenny Rasmussen (2)
John Reese
Gregg & Marsha (Roark) Revell
Becci Richards
Tom Scott
Kenny Simpson (2)
Chad Smith (2)
Douglas Smith (2)
Joy Smith Howard
Harold Stewart (2)
Wayne Sward (2)
Vickie Van Johnsen
Ann Wallin (Class of '67)
Marcy Welling Bradshaw
Jerry Howard
Hal Riley
Dennis Dolar
Richard (Dick) Howell
Bruce Black (2)
Karen Westergard Gill
Evelyn Wiscombe Brown
Barbara Mechling Hilton (2)
Dennis Poulson (2)
Judy Irvine Nelson
Kris Sorensen Gehret
La Vona Seeley Lewis (2)
Diane Weston Schick (2)
Brian Wilson (2)
Dirk Winegar
Carla Olson Miles
John Hanks
Darrel Schilowsky (2) - Guest
Richard (Dick) Siddoway-Guest
Raymond Briscoe - Guest
Doug Bradford (2)
Sandra Fletcher Linville
Diana Elser
Tim Hilton (2)
Kenneth Ancell (2)
Larry DeLange (2)
Peggy McGregor Rasmussen (2)
Penny Hayes Decker
Irene Smith Carter
Sheryl Quigley
Shauna Drumiler Jones (2)
Kathleen Flannery Hurst (2)
Lynn Spafford (2)
Michael Johnston (2)
John White (Class of '67)
Steve Lindsay
Shirlee Fowler Hart (2)
Shand Stringham (2)
Gayle Christensen/Lindsay Jarvis
  (Scott Jarvis family)
Joann Peterson
Gary Palmer (2)
Edith Bernard Stephenson
Sherrie Dalebout (Class of '67)
Cindy Miller Smedley (2)
Michael Enquist
Hugh Cannon
Jerry Schriever
Kristie Rampton
Reta Roberts
Shirley Smith
Richard Higham (2)
Carolyn White Zaugg
Kim Burningham (2) - Guest
Randy Bell (2)
Greg Pay (2)
Kirk Robinson (2)
June Reed Uzelac (2)
Ivan (Ike) Jensen (2)
Steve Nielsen (2) (VHS)
Lynnae Wood Ray (2)
Jo Ann Finlinson Casey
Gary Anderson (2)
Cheryl Simmons Sherwood (2)
Brent Blackham (2)
Paul Feller (2)
Bruce Black (2)
Ilene Clark Rhodes (2)
Ross Quist
Kristine Turman Jenkins (2)
Susan Mangel Drosher (2)