Baskets,Banter,Buggies & Bikes

Friday (August 12) , 6:00 pm
Bring your picnic basket for a casual unsupervised assembly in our favorite park venue (North Canyon Park). The plan is to visit, eat, visit, eat, visit, etc. You may even see a Paces Diary Ann truck with goodies. For you hot-rodders and car-buffs, we will have a section of the parking lot setaside where you can strut your wheels. For you bikers, feel free to show up on the wheels of your choice, whether you come motorized in Harley attire (greaser style) or pumping in Spandex (beta style). Please help us with a headcount by registering although there will be plenty of room for last minute "show-ups." 3900 S Bountiful Blvd. (Event chair:  Doug Smith, )

Registered Attendees as of August 8

Kelly Brown (2)
Paulette Class Birdsall
Noma Donaldson Bishop
Don Jex (2)
Harold Johnson
Barbara Kirkham Colton (2)
Clark Layton
Monty Little
BK Lowe Dickerhoof
Thomas Mabey (2)
Brent Mann
Richard Metcalf
Judy Morley Judd (2)
Janet Murri McArthur
Allen Orser (2)
Kenny Rasmussen (2)
John Reese
Gregg & Marsha (Roark) Revell
Becci Richards
Tom Scott
Chad Smith (2)
Douglas Smith
Joy Smith Howard (2)
Margaret Stromness Paydar
Wayne Sward (2)
Vicki Van Johnson
Marcey Welling Bradshaw
Richard (Dick) Howell
Karen Westergard Gill
Evelyn Wiscombe Brown
Dennis Poulson (2)
Vicki Lou Tobler Nelmoyer (2)
Judy Irvine Nelson
Kris Sorensen Gehret
Sandra Fletcher Linville
Diana Elser
Tim Hilton
Dirk Winegar
Carla Olson Miles
John Hanks
Kenneth Ancell (2)
Larry DeLange (2)
Peggy McGregor Rasmussen (2)
Lynn Spafford (2)
John White (Class of '67)
Shirlee Fowler Hart (2)
Michael Enquist
Jerry Schriever
Carolyn White Zaugg
Greg Pay (2)